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Year: 1180-700 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 13 cm

Price: €360.00


Syro-Hittite, 1180-700 B.C. A ceramic idol figurine with lozengiform lower body rising to flat-section upper body, depicting a nude standing female figure with tapering legs, her waist thin, her breast conical; her broad face stylised with a bird-like head and beak, applied concentric pierced eyes, pinched nose and pierced disc to the forehead, with ribbed collar to the neckwith hands cupping the breasts, incised chevron detail to the midriff. Ex Terence Eva collection, formerly with Pars Antiques.

Schematic, highly-stylized representations of the human form had a long tradition in the Ancient Near East. Figures of this style originated in Syria and seem to represent a fertility goddess, pheraps o be identified with Astarte
Cod. 122/2020


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