Near East


Product Detail

Year: 700-300 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 25 cm


Modern handle

Price: €420.00


Near Est, VII-III century A.D. A bronze hand mirror, discoid with slightly concave surface, border of pellets to the obverse, border of punched billets to the reverse with lightly incised guilloche detailing; mounted in a sympathetic reproduction bronze handle with wooden scales. Property of a North London gentleman; acquired on the UK market before 1992.
The ancient people were very conscious of their personal appearance and followed a regime of applying fragrant oils to their skin and hair, and applying make-up to their eyes and mouths. Long before man was able to make mirrors out of glass, mirrors made of metal (copper, bronze, silver, tin, etc.) were used, sheets of metal were flattened and polished until it could be used as a mirror, rounded forms, disks, sometimes with a design on the back, and usually with an handle.
Cod. 62/2017

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