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Year: 0-200 d.C.

Dimension: Higth 21,5 cm


Neck recomposed, iridescences

Price: €1200.00


I-II Century A.D. A bottle of transparent bluish-green glass with an almost cubic body, short cylindrical neck, as if sunken into the sloping shoulder. Flaring mouth, rim folded outward and inward. Flat bottom, rest of pontil; massive short two-ribbed strap handle applied on the shoulder and attached to the neck, just below the rim at right angles. 

There are two ways of making these bottles, the mould-blown bottles are the more numerous, others were free blown and flattened by pressure on the sides and the base. The mould-blown bottle is usually of rather thick, bluish-green glass often with a base decorated in relief, the other variety has thinner walls. The free-blown variety mainly occurs in the Mediterranean area. The rim of most specimens is folded inward and pressed flat horizontally. Characteristics of a free-blown square bottle: more rounded, in contrast to a mold-blown example which has sharp edges. The neck of a free-blown bottle is mostly sunken into the sloping shoulder, caused by pressing to make the base flattened. No base mark, also a characteristic for a blown square bottle.
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