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Year: 350-300 a.C.

Dimension: Diameter 10 cm; Higth 9,5 cm



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Magna Graecia, IV century B.C Little red figured lekanis with shallow bowl and knobbed lid, decorated with the figure of Lady of Fashion wearing an elaborate headdress composed by a sakkos. Palmettes and foliate motif.
The Greek colonies of southern Italy (known in antiquity as Magna Grecia) were marked by their initial allegiance to the ceramic styles of the Attic mainland. However, over the years, native traditions and innovations heavily influenced the works of Magna Grecian potters. Unorthodox forms and painting-styles were seamlessly merged with the standard Greek style, creating distinctive works of art unique to the Hellenistic world. The name "Lekane" seems to be used for the bowl in many varieties and "Lekanis" used for the vase with special purpose. It was produced from the beginning of the black-figure to the end of the red-figure. Examples of the latter appear in marriage-scenes and other scenes involving women, and are themselves regularly decorated with scenes of marriage. A lidded lekanis was generally used as a cosmetic container or as a gift for brides, which was given by their fathers on their wedding day and filled with trinkets.
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