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Year: 550-450 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 23 cm



Price: €490.00


South Italy. Half of V-IV century B.C. A Peucetan ware pottery crater, the ovoid body with vertical rim, two vertical strap handles, ring foot, painted with dark brown stripes of different dimension, with circular lid (not belonging). Provenance: Herakles Numismatik und Antiquitäten GmbH (München), who acquired it on the European art market since the 1970s; from 2000s

The Peucetan were an Iapygian tribe which inhabited western and central Apulia in classical antiquity. Peucetians lived in the eponymous region Peucetia, which was bordered by the Ofanto river and the Murge in the north, the Bradano river in the west and the territories of the Greek colony of Taras and the Messapians in the south. This region is mostly coincident with the Metropolitan City of Bari and parts of the provinces of Taranto and Barletta-Andria-Trani today.
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