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Year: 350-300 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 21 cm



Price: €620.00


Magna Graecia, end of V Century B.C. A buff pottery vessel having a bulbous body extending into a tapered conical shoulder and rimmed lip, twin opposite strap handles of angular design with lug decorative elements, brown painted geometric decoration composed of two bands of different dimension.

Messapii, that in ancient Greek sources are often called “Iapyges” as they inhabited a south eastern Italian region then named “Iapygia”, represent an early migration (ca.1500-1000 BC) into Italy, maybe from Crete or more likely from the western part of today's Balkan Peninsula, where there were the Illyrians, an ancient people who spoke a non-Greek language, even if it was an Indo-European language as well as the Greek, Latin, etc. We have some remains of this Messapian/ Iapygian language in few inscriptions which have the same stock as the Illyrians (Albanians). In fact the Messapian language is believed to be related to the extinct Illyrian languages that were spoken on the east side of the Adriatic. The Messapian Trozella, which in Italian is “trozzella”, a vernacular term meaning literally “little wheels ” as this pottery vase has generally four little wheels at the summit and base of its sharp angled handles, it is a typical Messapian pottery dating back to the 7th.century B.C.

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