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Year: 724-332 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 22 cm, Lenght 12,5 cm


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Late Period, XXVI-XXX Dynasty, 724-332 B.C. Ca. Depiction of the goddess Nephthys with gold gilded face, wearing a close fitting garment, tripartite wig, headdress representing the hieroglyphic component of her name, kneeling on a rectangular base, detailed and fine incision. Provenance: From an old British collection formed in the 1970s
Nebt-het, or Nephthys, was the daughter of Seb and Nut, and the sister of Osiris, and Isis, and Seth, and the wife of Set, and the mother of Anubis, either by Osiris or Seth. The name "Nebt-het" means the "lady of the house," but by the word "house" we must understand that portion of the sky which was supposed to form the abode of the Sun-god Horus. In the earliest times Nephthys was regarded as the female counterpart of Seth, and she was always associated with him; nevertheless she always appears as the faithful sister and friend of Isis, and helps the widowed goddess to collect the scattered limbs of Osiris and to reconstitute his body.
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