Greek Art


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Year: 475-425 A.C.

Dimension: Height 18 cm, Width 21 cm


Recompoed from large fragment

Price: €640.00  € 500.00


Magna Graecia, second half of IV century B.C. A Daunian pottery olla with horned handles, the conical squatted body with large funnel-shaped rim, with twin loop handles, between which two protomes in the form of upward pointing horns, painted with brown and red stripes, the body with bands and “metopes” with wavy lines. From a private collection kept in Germany, acquired in the 1990s in the English art market.

The region of Daunia was located along the Adriatic Sea in the region of southern Italy known in antiquity as Magna Graecia, the native Daunians lived in close proximity to Greek settlements. The native Italic peoples produced their own distinctive ceramic pottery between the 6th and 4th centuries B.C. Although the Daunian potters borrowed certain Greek decorative motifs and shapes, they never abandoned their traditional local geometric style.

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