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Year: 2052-1778 a.C. circa

Dimension: Lenght 1,1 cm; Higth 0,6 cm

Note: Intact

Price: €600.00


Middle Kingdom. Rare carnelian amulet, naturalistically depicted, the frog is seated, hind legs tightly bent, head held high. Pierced transversally between the body to allow the amulet to be suspended. Incision extremely fine and detailed.
In ancient Egypt frogs were thought to spontaneously generate, and as such, became the symbol of regeneration and fertility, since millions of them were born after the annual inundation of the Nile, which brought fertility to the otherwise barren lands. Consequently, in Egyptian mythology, there began to be a frog-goddess, who represented fertility, referred to by Egyptologists as Heqet.
Cod. 179/2006

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