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Year: 750-600 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 12,3 cm



Price: €420.00


Etruscan, VII century B.C. An Etruscan Bucchero-ware olpe with ovoid body, cylindrical neck and strap handle.
Bucchero is the name given to the distinctive, lustrous black ware made by the Etruscans during the Orientalizing and Archaic periods. It is a refined form of Italian impasto pottery, which was made of unrefined clay, usually formed without the potter's wheel and fired brown/black. Bucchero was made of purified clay, turned on a wheel and burnished before firing. During firing, the supply of oxygen to the kiln was restricted so that the iron oxides in the clay caused it to turn black. This process (reduction) was probably assisted by the presence of carbon (organic material) in the kiln, which the potter deliberately introduced. The main centres of production were at Cerveteri, Veii and Tarquinia.
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