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Year: 400-300 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 8 cm



Price: €380.00


South Italy, IV century B.C. A Gnathian Ware black glazed guttus, set on a cylindrcal, with a tall spout flaring towards the out-turned rim, a side loop handle.

The guttus is a vessel, with a narrow mouth or neck, from which the liquid was poured in drops: hence its name "Qui vinum dabant ut minutatim funderent, a guttis guttum appellarunt." It was especially used in sacrifices, and hence we find it represented on the Roman coins struck by persons who held any of the priestly offices; as, for instance, in the annexed coin of L. Plancus, the contemporary of Augustus, where it appears, though in different forms, both on the obverse and reverse. The guttus was also used for keeping the oil, with which persons were anointed in the baths.
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