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Year: 350-300 a.C.

Dimension: Higth 9 cm



Price: €220.00


Magna Graecia, IV century B.C. A black glazed lekythos with funnel neck and arching handle, the squat globular body over a ring foot.
Black-glazed pottery was produced especially in the Classical and Hellenistic periods. During reduced firing, sintering of the iron-rich clay led to a shiny black surface. Such pottery was produced both on the potters wheel or impressed in pre-shaped matrixes. The glaze was added on with a paintbrush on the wheel, or by dipping. Within about a hundred years, during the 5th century BC, black-glazed wares replaced the previously popular red-figure pottery from the Mediterranean markets. Since the Hellenistic periods, non-Greek workshops also produced it, usually just serving local or regional markets. In recent years, the importance of the type in modern research has increased considerably, especially in the contexts of culinary habits, regional contacts and trade links.
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