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Year: 664-330 a.C

Dimension: Higth 1,9 cm



Price: €120.00


Late Period. A blue-green powdered quartz composite amulet of Thot, the standing ibis-headed deity wearing kilt and tripartite wig, vertical column on the back.
The Ibis amulet has a funerary connotation related to Thot’s role as a recorder of the result of the weighing of the deceased’s heart in the Underworld. Sometimes assuming the form of an ibis bird, god Thoth was the god of writing and scribe of the gods. Thoth was the 'God of the Equilibrium', 'Master of the Balance', 'The Lord of the Divine Body', 'Scribe of the Company of the Gods', the 'Voice of Ra', the 'Author of Every Work on Every Branch of Knowledge, Both Human and Divine'. He recorded the weight of the heart of the dead person in the Underworld when it is weighed against the Feather of Truth
Cod. 123/2017

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