Roman Art


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Year: 0-100 d.C.

Dimension: Diameter 12,5 cm ; Hight 4,8 cm

Note: Reassembled

Price: €600.00


Imperial Period, I century A.D. A roman turquoise glass circular cup with flaring wall and folded tubular rim, with a central raised omphalos.
The Roman glass industry drew heavily on the skills and techniques that were used in other contemporary crafts such as metalworking, gem cutting, and pottery production. The styles and shapes of much early Roman glass were influenced by the luxury silver and gold tableware amassed by the upper strata of Roman society in the late Republican and early imperial periods, and the fine monochrome and colourless table wares introduced in the early decades of the first century A.D. imitate the crisp, lathe-cut profiles of their metal counterparts.
Cod. 153/2014

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